Research Associates/Resource Persons

PROFESSOR UMAR BENNA: National University Commission (NUC) Distinguished Professor; MIT SPUDS Fellow. Ph.D. City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, 1975; MRP (Master of Regional Planning) North Carolina University 1973; B. Arch. ABU, Zaria, 1968. Internationally acclaimed architect and urban planner with wide-ranging publications in the area of urbanization and development. Author and editor of many volumes on all aspects of urbanization and city and regional planning, with special focus on arid regions.

PROFESSOR ADEBAYO OTITOLOJU: Managing Director, UNILAG CONSULT LTD. Professor of Environmental Toxicology. Ph. D. Zoology, University of Lagos, 2001; M.Sc. Zoology, University of Lagos, 1992, B.Sc. Zoology, University of Lagos, 1990. He has over 28 years experience in teaching. research and consulting. He has published 130 publications including journal articles in national and international journals, commissioned projects and books. Research interests include heavy metals monitoring and biological effects, biological effects of crude oil, impacts of pesticides, among others. He is the founder of Society for Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Migration.

DR. GEORGE KWANASHIE: Department of History Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.(rtd), Gombe State University (Visiting Professor): Ph.D. History, A.B.U. Zaria, 1994. Long-time colleague and collaborator of Dr. Bala Usman with whom he edited several volumes on modern Nigerian history. Research interest in recent Nigerian social, economic and political history.

DR. BERNARD OBIKA: Head of UK Government funded global research on High Volume Transport for Africa and Asia and Lead Consultant of Escher Silverman Global, an infrastructural delivery group. Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK, 1989, M.Sc. Engineering Geology/Geomaterials, Queen Mary’s College, University of London, 1985, B.Sc. (Hons) University of Lancaster, 1983. Previously the CEO for 7 years of Roughton Group, a major UK consultancy with presence in over 40 countries. Dr. Obika is passionate about transport infrastructure for Africa. Has published extensively on capacity development and works with and advises academic institutions on PPP, transport innovation and technology. In 2012 led the Federal Government Committee for Road Sector Reform which set the template for the reform of Nigeria’s Road Sector.

PROFESSOR MIKE KWANASHIE: Professor of Economics, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

With four decades of teaching and research at ABU, he has also held many significant positions including Special Adviser to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Office of the Vice-President (2003-2006), and Vice-Chancellor of Veritas University, Abuja, 2012-2018. Has worked with many U.N. Agencies (UNIDO, UNDP) and others. Research interest in economic policy and development.

DR. ADAM HIGAZI: Research Associate, Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam. D.Phil. (Ph.D.) University of Oxford, 2011; M.A. Social Anthropology, SOAS (University of London), 2001; B.Sc. Geography, University of Plymouth, 1999. A researcher with many years of experience in pastoral/farmer conflict issues. He is engaged in ongoing ethnographic studies of pastoral communities in Nigeria and throughout West Africa. Has produced many reports for UN agencies and international organizations as well as publications based on first-hand investigations.

DR. SHARKDAM WAPMUK: Associate Professor Department of Defence and Security Studies, NDA. Also formerly Acting Director of Research, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. Ph.D. International Relations and Strategic Studies, University of Jos, 2017; M.Sc. Political Economy & Development Studies, National Open University of Nigeria, 2016-2019; PDGE, University of Maiduguri, 2019; B.Sc. Political Science, University of Maiduguri,2000. Research interests include Africa-India relations, security, cooperation and integration. Has published many articles in national and international journals and books.

PROFESSOR HARUNA DLAKWA: Deputy Vice Chancellor, Borno State University, Maiduguri. Ph. D. Public Administration, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1984; M.A. Political Science, Ohio University, 1981; B.Sc. Political Science, ABU, Zaria, 1978. Areas of interest include Pubic Policy Analysis, Health Planning and Management, Inter-Governmental Relations, Peace and Conflict Resolution.

PROFESSOR ABBA GANA SHETTIMA: Professor of Rural Sociology, University of Maiduguri. Ph.D. Rural Sociology, University of Maiduguri, 2010; M.Sc. Agricultural Extension, University of Ibadan, 1988; B.Sc. Sociology, University of Maiduguri, 1985. Research interests include rural resources, livelihoods and conflict. Widely publishded in national and international journals.

PROFESSOR PHILIP AKPEN: Professor in Department of History and Diplomatic Studies, University of Abuja. Ph.D. History, SOAS, University of London, 2011; M.A. History, Bayero University, Kano, 2006; B.A. History, Bayero University, Kano, 2000. Research interest in economic and social history with special reference to colonial infrastructure and amenities in colonial cities and towns. He has many published works on these issues, as well as on security, peace and conflict.

ATTAHIRU BALA USMAN: Managing Director of Allott (Nigeria) Limited (, a leading Nigerian Technical Consultancy firm. International Diploma Environmental Management (British Safety Council), 2013, M.Sc. Applied Hydrobiology, Cardiff University, UK, 1997, B.Sc. Microbiology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, 1991. He has over 20 years experience in Technical & Environmental Consultancy and has co-ordinated several major technical & environmental studies for Infrastructure in Nigeria. Including the study for the dredging of River Benue (Lokoja - Makurdi), the traffic studies for the Second Niger Bridge, the EIA of the proposed Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Expansion of the Lagos-Ibadan Dual Carriageway, the the EIA for the Extension of East-West Road Project (Warri - Mbiama- Port Harcourt-Oron - Calabar).

DR. HAUWA MAHDI: Senior Lecturer, School for Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Ph.D History, University of Gothenburg, 2006; M.A. History, ABU, Zaria, 1977; B.A. History, ABU. Zaria, 1977. Numerous research and publications on gender issues in Nigeria and internationally. Continuing research interest in gender and ideology.

DR. MALA MUSTAPHA: Associate Professor and Head of Department Political Science, University of Maiduguri. Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Central Lancashire, UK, 2013; M.A. International Politics and Security Studies, University of Bradford, UK, 2003; B.Sc. Political Science, University of Maiduguri, 2000. Research interest in security in the Lake Chad region and regional security in Africa focusing on resource conflicts and peace-building. Also on internal displacement (refugees), deradicalisation, reconciliation and reintegration.

DR. SANUSI LAWAL: Senior Lecturer in Department of Political Science and Defence Studies, Nigerian Defence Academy.D. in Defence and Strategic Studies, NDA, 2018; M.Sc. Public Administrayion, ABU, Zaria, 2004; B.Sc. Political Science, ABU, Zaria, 1994. Has conducted research on peace and conflict issues, as well as gender, development and security studies. Has numerous articles in books and journals.

DR. ZAINAB MAI-BORNU: Research Fellow at Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK. Visiting Research Fellow at Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath. Has conducted research on resources, conflict and social change with particular reference to women in conflict settings. Ongoing interest in how women are affected by crises in oil-producing areas of Nigeria and the North East under Boko Haram.

ABUBAKAR KAWU MONGUNO: Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Maiduguri. Ph.D. Geography, Bayero University, Kano,2011; PDGE University of Maiduguri, 2002; M.Sc. Geography, University of Maiduguri, 1997; B.Sc. Geography, University of Maiduguri, 1991. Research interests in development geography. Has many publications in books and journals.

DR. ABDULJALAL DANBABA: Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Kaduna State University, Kaduna. Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ABU, Zaria, 2016; M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ABU, Zaria, 2010; B.Sc. Chemistry, ABU, Zaria, 1987. Research interests and publications on remediation of levels of lead poisoning in Zamfara State, among others.

DR. RABIU ABUBAKAR: Department of Geology, ABU, Zaria. Ph.D. Geosciences, Imperial College, London, 2015; M.Sc. Petroleum Geochemistry, University of Newcastle upon Thyne, UK, 2009; B.Sc. Geology, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 2005. He is a consultant exploration geoscientist with wide experience in geological field mapping for mineral prospecting, geophysical data interpretation, environmental impact assessment, environmental geosciences in many countries such as U.K., U.S.A., and Morocco, where he participated as a consultant in several environmental clean-up projects.

SARA PANATA: Completing Ph.D. in Modern History at the Sorbonne, Paris. M.A. in African History, Sorbonne, Paris, 2015; B.A. International Diplomatic Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy, 2013, Advanced Diploma in Yoruba Studies, Institut National de Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), Paris, 2016. Research in gender studies and African history, especially women’s political movements in Nigeria. Preparing research project on women political activists in Nigeria, 1940s to 1990s.

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