Minority Report & Draft Constitution for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1976


‘What the masses of our people want, as most of humanity in the modern era, is NOT a coalition of mini unviable states whose human and material resources are at the arbitrary disposal of their separate ethnic and regional notables. Our people need a country, Nigeria, operating at full capacity and unshackled by the thieving activities of a good for nothing ruling class whose only operating agenda is looting the national treasury.’ – Olusegun Osoba, 2018.

‘It seems quite clear that, if their constitution is adopted, far from moving towards national cohesion and democracy Nigeria will become torn with ethnic and religious disunity and sectionalism.  Far from providing a basis and framework for the development  of national cohesion and democracy, there will be an intensification of the present grossly uneven pattern of underdevelopment, greater capitalist and bureaucratic  greed, individualism  and chaos. When that happens the Nigerian people will be accused of being too immature and irresponsible  for democracy and preparations will be made for consolidating the status quo and ensuring “law and order” through repression and terror. From the individualism,  greed, chaos and thuggery of capitalist bureaucrats and politicians  we shall move to the indiscipline,  chaos, individualism,  greed and repression of capitalist bureaucrats and soldiers.’ – Yusufu Bala Usman, For the Liberation of Nigeria, 1979

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